Hiking in the Preserve

Center for the Environment - Ecological Preserve
By Cierra  Hunter

Come and join us on our journey as we Redesign the Future at the 2nd annual Environmental Summit for

Have you ever been hiking? Have you ever noticed how beautiful it is when you find yourself in the middle of nature?

Well, I have, and let me tell you it’s amazing!

I love to hike with anyone I can, especially those who are close to me. When I go hiking it might be in the depths of the Colorado Mountains or here in North Carolina but, it doesn’t matter where I (or you) go, it’s the experience in nature and realizing what is here on earth in another perspective.

Recently I hiked some of the Catawba College Preserve trails while attending the Summit hosted here.

If you have ever visited the campus of Catawba College (Salisbury, NC)  then you know it isn’t the largest outback area ever; however, it is extremely beautiful.

On this campus you can visit the Fred Stanbeck Ecological Preserve, it includes 189 acres of land.

On this land there are a total of 150 bird species. You might be shocked at this number; I know I was but, it’s definitely true! 

If you ever find yourself in Salisbury, North Carolina, come on by to the ecological preserve at Catawba College; we would love to have you, and so would the birds!
Learn more about the preserve and the summer 
program for high school students hosted by the Center for the Environment and the Rocky Mountain Institute. 


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