Anna is Building a Greenhouse for Third Graders

Anna Harrison
Anna Harrison - Making a Difference

During a break between focus group and workshop time, Anna took a few minutes to describe an ongoing project she has already been working on back home. 

Collecting 800 clear 2-liter bottles, some old tires, used corrogated plastic, donated rain barrel and worm bin, Anna is creating a greenhouse on school property for use by the after school program and third grade plant science class.  She is likely to far exceed the 80-hour requirement for her Girl Scout Gold Award. 

Inspired by a chair and stand created from GS cookie boxes at her local GS headquarters, she researched other conservation projects online and discovered the work of Blue Rock Station, an organization with booklet instructions for creating greenhouses from used materials. 

Be sure to check out Anna's blog for photographs and more information about her unique environmental project.


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