Camper Spotlight - Natasha - Living Green and Baking Cupcakes

Camper Spotlight: Natasha of High Point, NC
By Emma Sophia

Natasha, who is now living in High Point, North Carolina, has passion for many things. Specifically: cupcakes and the environment.

Right now, the environmental issue that she is most focused on is hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) is a process in which people drill far down into rock layers to extract natural gas. Many people are against it because it uses questionable chemicals and techniques throughout the fracking process.

Natasha attended a local hearing about fracking that was held at East Chapel Hill High and has raised awareness for it in many ways. The things she has done to raise awareness include: working with a teacher to give extra credit to other students who attended the public hearing on hydraulic fracturing and writing blog-posts about why she believes that fracking is wrong.

The Orange Bedazzle cupcake that won 3rd place
 at the Horace Williams Cupcake Festival. 
It was made in an orange peel instead of a cupcake liner,
 which is good for the environment and adds extra flavor!
When Natasha isn't busy rallying people for environmental issues, shes running a business.

That's right, she's only going to be a junior in high school next year, but Natasha and her friend Anna are already co-running a business, Terrific Treats, and selling cupcakes to the Chapel Hill and High Point areas in North Carolina.

Natasha tries to combine her love for the environment into her cupcake baking by using as many natural flavorings, colorings, and ingredients as possible.

Once, she even made avocado frosting for "green" cupcakes.

Also, Natasha and Anna only use edible decor (No plastic ones; it lowers the amount of waste!), cook as many batches at a time as possible (saves energy!) and ask costumers if they want their cupcakes to come liner free.

Not only are the cupcakes pretty environmentally friendly, but they are also delicious. Terrific treats won 3rd place at Chapel Hills 2011 Horace Williams Cupcake Festival.


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