Catawba - A Great Place to be Environmental

Catawba College and the Environment
By Emma Sophia

Catawba College in Salisbury North Carolina is a great place to hold an Environmental Summit for teens. The college's atmosphere and its facilities are great for young people with hopes and dreams of creating change in our future. Not only does Catawba have a beautiful 189 acre nature preserve and a 300 acre wildlife refuge, but it is also continuously working to make the rest of its campus more environmentally friendly. Many of the newer buildings on campus are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified. There are also many things that go on during the school year that are driven by inspired students and faculty who care about the environment

There are a few clubs on campus including Catawba Outdoor Adventures and Environment Catawba Outreach, which both work in different ways to prove that the outdoors and the environment are important and should be protected. There is also a program called "Green Pig" around campus that sets up posters with environmental tips and also sponsors events for the students.

The college and its faculty also try to makes it easy to waste less by giving all students recycling bins and having them all over campus. They have dropped their amount of waste by going from trays to plates in the cafeteria and getting reusable take out boxes for student's lunches to conserve water. They also cut down the energy bill by heating many of the buildings with a geothermal heating system. These changes helped Catawba College to win Duke Energy's 2011 power partner.

Along with all these amazing things, Catawba is also the home to the Center for The Environment. The Center for the Environment is an amazing help to Catawba College, because it brings awareness and also many outreach projects in areas outside the college. It has been a great help getting opportunities and great inspirational speakers for us here at the Environmental Summit this week.


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