Eco-Tip: Consider Buying Carbon Offsets

Silhouette Of A Plane
Eco-Tip: Consider Buying Carbon Offsets
By Shaina Robinson

As the end of this summit is rapidly approaching, traveling and transportation are some thoughts that are on on our minds. For many of us, airplanes were involved in our journey to this The National Environmental Summit. It's also the type of transportation that many of us will take to get to other destinations throughout the summer. 

Traveling to new places is great, but over the years the amount of carbon dioxide emissions coming from airplanes has steadily been growing, and as of right now there is no technological fix that could lower them enough to make much of a difference. This is where carbon offsets come in.

The concept behind carbon offsets is that you're more or less making a trade.  As an airline passenger you might be given the option to pay anywhere from $5 to $40 to offset your flight. The price is determined by how far of a distance you're traveling. 

As a result of buying an offset, your money goes towards projects that work toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Some of these projects might range from repopulating forests to increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and transportation worldwide. Unlike many pollutants, greenhouse gas emissions interact quickly with air and as a result are able to spread around the entire planet. Because of this, greenhouse gas reductions can take place pretty much anywhere as long as fewer emissions are entering the atmosphere.

So, if you're traveling by air any time soon, consider purchasing a carbon offset to help make your trip more environmentally friendly. 


  1. Brilliant article that talks about the significance of carbon offsets. Readers will surely start considering to buy carbon offset in their next flights.


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