Focus Groups Offer Diversity with a Common Goal

We Use Our Differences for a Common Goal at the Environmental Summit
By Jocelyn 

Each student at the Summit has a unique personality and ways we contribute that were considered when choosing what kind of group we wanted to be participating in before coming here. (Students were able to pick their groups.)

The group I chose was "Green Ink: Blogging for a Better Tomorrow," because I enjoy using technology to get information out to the people, and I'm really good at working with computers.

Not everyone  is the same, because if that were the case, then everything would be boring. Always. Being together to accomplish something will be better than going solo (when we all bring our own special talents to the table).

Here are some of the various groups from the Redesigning the Earth Summit 2012.
This group is outside gathering materials for an experiment.
Another focus group is doing lab work.
My blogging group is gathering ideas together to create this blog that you are reading now and to share work being done by everyone across the summit.


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