Geocache and Biomimicry - Our Adventure Today

By Keela Sweeney

After an exciting first day, our summit participants began day two with more than a bang! Visiting the ecological preserve to geocache and discover the many aspects of biomimicry was surely an adventure for everyone. Here are some of our students in the act.

Left to Right: Rafaello, Shaina, Jessica, Emily, Sarah.                                       Photo By:Keela Sweeney

Biomimicry is the process by which we emulate nature in order to better the human world. One great example of biomimicry we had the opportunity to discuss during our geo-cash yesterday was the salamander's ability to regenerate its limbs.  Simulating processes similar to the salamanders to do research on stem cells is an excellent use of this process.

                                                                                                                                                   Photos By: Jessica Everett

Our students thoroughly enjoyed their trek through the preserve and learned so much along the way, even meeting a few slimy friends!


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