I'm On Turtle Time. Are You?

By: Keela Sweeney

Today I got the oppurtunity to accompany the "Animals Near and Far" group on their turtle tracking adventure! Students suited up and climbed into kayaks with satellites in hand so they could track where in the pond the turtles were.

In the beginning of the week this group worked hard to catch up to six turtles inhabiting the pond and marsh areas around the Center for the Environment Nature Preserve here at Catawba College. Two huge snappers and four midsize to baby turtles were marked on Monday with trackers so that the students could go back and track them all today. And I was lucky enough to join the fun! 

Emily and Josh using the radiotelemetric rod to find their marked turtles

Having a great time out on the pond

                                                                   Found the second one!!

Finishing up the hunt for the day! 


  1. I loved Animals Near and Far. I had a blast; the whole week was amazing and inspiring!


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