Nature Speaks for Me - A Poem by Monique

Dr. Forrest Anderson, Assistant Professor of English, conducted a Discovery Session called "A Field Guide to the Poetics of Environmental Writing.

Students put together poems with a nature theme during the session. Camper Monique wrote a poem that touched her fellow group members. Her poem was displayed on the last night of the summit, and she did a reading for the entire group.

Nature Speaks for Me

By Monique

Useless, unworthy, and unwanted.
This chant in my ear.
Smack, drug away and done any kind of
Tall, brown, big bright green leaves.
Like me, this beautiful site was cut
At the waste.
When I would get too lonely and shattered to stand
The patter of my feet would echo in the wind.
Here, no man could rip me to shreds and use me as he saw fit.
What happens when water gets scarce?
It dies.
What happened on my last dance?
I bawled up next to what I thought held some connection.
I had its back it had mine.
It was all in my head but that was alright.
This sick and twisted emotion I just tossed back.
Id fall and scrape my knee.
No blood. No tears.
I kept quiet.
In the night, at the end
Nature speaks for me.
All my thoughts lie in the wide
Never-ending paths and between branches.
It is a soothing feeling when the wind blows and all the secrets are vanished.


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