Night Hike at the Center for the Environment Preserve

Whew! It's Dark Out There at Night.

Campers Ready to Brave the Night and Enjoy Nature After Dark

By Jocelyn

On Tuesday night, Ms.Lanier  took out two groups who wanted to go hiking in complete darkness, and it was really fun being out there because you were with your peers and really bonding well. This activity shows that you are building a strong relationship because you're out there in the nature preserve at night together.

Everyone enjoyed being out there, because they knew someone was in-front of them and really didn't need to use a flashlight to see.

You can use the red light if you were really scared of being out there, but no one had to use that at all in our group.

Back Safe and Sound from the Night Hike and Ready for My Blogging Focus Group


  1. nice dark trail picture!

  2. That really was a fun experience, I enjoyed walking by myself and dodging branches that were not there and I have to admit I really liked the pirate story! I didn't know that!


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