Resolution or Re-Solution? Use Technology for Change!

Communicating Your Initiative: Workshop by Amanda Lanier
 By Emily Pieper

Yesterday while I listened to Amanda Lanier teach us about effective environmental communication, another light bulb lit up in my brain when she showed the slide pictured below. Instead of just interpreting the word "resolution" as the ending or solving of a problem, I found myself looking at it in a whole new way. To me the word suddenly looked like "re-solution".

Photo By: Emily Pieper
Now, maybe this doesn't seem like that big of a change, so let me explain my crazy thought. What I started to think was that "resolution" could also mean to come up with different ways to "re-solve" a problem.

So, why does this matter and why should you still read this?

What Amanda explained to us was that today in the 21st century, thanks to new technologies that develop every day, we have thousands of ways to communicate our ideas. Right now as you read this, I'm communicating my ideas to you via this blog. Then you will post this onto your Facebook page, and your friends will read it on their phones and tweet it so that all of their followers will see. The cycle repeats continuously until people all around the world have heard about this blog.


Photo By: Emily Pieper
It is truly, amazing. By using technologies, people are able to share their unique ideas with the world so that previously unsolved problems can be fixed. Just think of how much we could do to help the environment if everyone realized this!

Seriously, think about it.

Maybe you want to start a recycling program at your school or install energy efficient light bulbs in your home. Maybe you're thinking bigger and want to help end world hunger or stop deforestation in the rain forests.You must have at least one issue that you've always dreamed of solving, right?

I thought so. Well, what are you waiting for? Make a resolution to act on your idea; write it down or update your status or tweet about it!

If we are going to actually help fix the environment, we have to start somewhere. So take that first step and you'll be surprised by the power of technology in solving or "re-solving" problems.


  1. LOVE the concept of "re-solution"...very insightful post, Emily!


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