Something for Everyone at the Environmental Summit 2012

Having a Blast at the Environmental Center Summit Hosted at Catawba College

It's been a busy week for sure at "Redesigning Our Future" (a camp for high school students) with an environmentalism theme. We hit breakfast at 7:30 a.m., and the lights aren't out until long after sunset. But, we've had a great time and learned a lot.

Catching Our Breath for Just a Minute

These young ladies take a quick break before heading off to a focus group which range from dance and blogging to economics and sacred spaces.

We asked a random group of students waiting out on the brick yard what they considered one highlight to date at the summit.

My Favorite Part About the Summit So Far . . .

Robert (Virginia) - "Kayaking on the reserve was a lot of fun."

Chas (Virginia) - "I loved dominating the Ecolympics with my team :-)"

Savannah (North Carolina) - "Learned lots of awesome things and made a lot of awesome friends."

Celina (North Carolina) - "I loved the Ecolympics. It was so much fun. Being at camp feels great."

Emma (North Carolina) - "Making new friendships."

Gabby (North Carolina) - Learning more about economics and making a lot of new loved, awesome friends."

Samuel (North Carolina) - " Kayaking on the lake."

Tnequa/Monique (North Carolina) - "The preserve and the focus group sessions."

Friends Who Care About the Planet are Extra Special Friends

We are enjoying all the great information and ideas and all the neat activities, but friendships play a huge part in a camp experience. We are the future, and we will be working together. It's great to find like minded teens who care about our environment.


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