We Have Food - Others Do Not

Faculty, Staff, and Students Relax and Enjoy Dinner at the Summit

It's time to recharge, and Chartwells is serving up meals at the Environmental Summit even though the cafeteria is under renovation. It does take more work and effort when your space is getting a face lift.

The cafeteria crew is catering meals upstairs in the game room, and everyone is eating in the snack bar area. That's fine. We don't spread out much, so we get to know each other better.

Students Enjoying Dinner in The Snack Area

Working with a green crowd offers extra challenges but also opportunities to think outside the box and come up with solutions. Since the dishwasher isn't available, we are eating on plates that compost.

Here is what some of our fellow campers have to say about eating at the Environmental Summit:

Meghan (Colorado) - "There is so much variety. I can always find something to eat."

Jennah (North Carolina) - "Nicaraguan enchiladas." (her favorite)

Jeremy (North Carolina) - "Thanks for the vegetarian food."

Alyssa (North Carolina) - "Swag dinnerware." (plates made out of cornstarch)

Madison (Florida) - "Everything is good!"

Zhane (North Carolina) - "There is something for everyone."

Sophia (North Carolina) - "The cooks did well. The veggies are for real."

Some of us really love the cookies for a treat after the meal.


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