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Redesigning Our Future at Camp and Taking What We Learned Home

We had a lot of time to work, think, and talk about the environment at Redesigning Our Future: Environmental Summit (for high school students).

But . . .

To make a difference, we must take what we learned home, and we must get others to join in our crusade to protect the earth for now and forever.

Many of our campers made public pledges. You can too. Just add a comment, and tell us what you will do to take care of and save our planet.

Green Ink Bloggers Thank You For Your Support

Congratulations Jennah!
Summit camper Jennah (front) from Chapel Hill won the Friday night Applebee's gift card, so she and a friend can have a nice meal out compliments of the Green Ink Bloggers.

We would like to thank Jennah and all the students, staff, faculty, and people we don't even know who visited our blog this week. We had more than 400 page views one day, and this is a new blog.

We were pretty excited to have the support and also to share the message of the summit. Working together we can Redesign our Future.

Human Art and the Environment - What We Learned


What We Learned at the Summit - Sacred Spaces


Tower Building at the Ecolympics at Our Environmental Summit

How Do You Build a Tower with Newspapers?
That's a good question, and you can see how campers worked together to make towers "happen" at the Ecolympics at the Center for the Environment Summit, a program for high school students across the nation hosted in Salisbury, NC.

OK. Let's Roll It Up Like This   . . .
Hum. Now, How Do We Get Them Connected?

Take Your Time Girls. We've Got This.

Oh Yes! We Are So Rocking Our Newspaper Tower.

The best part about our game is that we had old newspapers which meant no cost or trash afterwards, because the papers went right to recycling. 

Getting to Share What We Learned at the Summit

Showcasing our Environmental Knowledge and Projects from the Week

After a super busy week at Redesigning Our Future: Environmental Summit for High School students, groups spent Friday afternoon coming up with creative ideas to share what was learned and how we've all grown.

There was a flurry across campus as we all tried to develop creative ways to capture the spirits of our various focus groups. Everyone was running here and there picking up poster boards, markers, tape, and various other odds and ends.

Dr. Sue Calcagni Has a Safe Spot with a Good View in the Environmental Center
The view from above at the Center for the Environment at Catawba College was probably the safest spot with so much going on and only forty-five minutes to get things together and over to the Peeler-Crystal Lounge.

You Need WHAT to Make WHAT? Every group had a different overall personality and work style. Some groups had traditional table discussions while others scattered around building or putting togethe…