Camper Spotlight- Ariana- Confronting Climate Change

By: Katie Trischman

Our Camper of Interest: Ariana Nicholson of Durham, North Carolina
Want to get involved? Go to NCSCA's facebook or their website!

A picture from NCSCA's website
It is without a doubt that every person attending the summit is passionate about the environment, but one girl in particular has found a medium to express her passion; she is an important member of the steering committee in the North Carolina Students for Climate Action (NCSCA for short).

The main goals of the NCSCA are to raise awareness about climate change and encourage youth to take action such as attending clean up events or lobbying.

And Ariana Nicholson is directly in the middle of all the action. 

Ariana has had her fair share of experiences in raising awareness for climate change and has possessed a passion for nature for as long as she can remember. However, she never actually did anything until she went to the Outdoor Academy in the 10th grade. There she learned about climate change and the dangers that our environment face. But the most important thing that Ari learned was that she could make a difference. 

Upon returning to Carolina Friends School, Ari took a class called Quaker Advocacy and Climate Change. Through this class, Ari went to DC and lobbied for action against climate change to politicians such as Richard Burr. The experience obviously stuck with Ari, because upon returning she, her classmates, and other concerned students created a conference. From this conference of ragtag students, the NCSCA was born.

"We aim to raise awareness in our communities and across the state about the causes and effects of climate change, and to take action through politics and community organization.  In our activism and projects, we seek to involve a diverse range of students, regardless of political or social affiliation. We will no longer be idle; climate change is here and now, and it is our responsibility to better the world of tomorrow." -Part of the NCSCA's mission statement

Our spotlight camper: Ariana Nicholson
As part of the steering committee, Ari is highly involved in the organization's activities and is constantly searching for more support. Ari made it clear that the NCSCA encourages people to join as committee members and hopes to create a network of environmental clubs and committees across the state. She hopes that they can lead events where students can discuss and express their passion for the environment in order to create a real change.

In the end, Ari isn't much different than any of the other teens attending the summit. She simply found a way to express her passion. Hopefully over time, all of us can discover our passions and find ways to spread that passion. If any message can be taken from Ari, it's to not keep your passions a secret; seek out others who may have the same drive. If students from all over the state, or even the nation, begin to communicate, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished.


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