Horizon's Light Show and Light Pollution Explanation

 On Thursday the 11th, everyone doing the environmental project got to go to a light show and was explained to what light pollution was. Light pollution is having too many lights on to where you can't see anything.

We were shown a video of where a man was searching for stars in the sky, and it seemed like he was in LA; there were a lot of lights and buildings. He said that so far, he had only seen TWELVE stars in the sky, and you know there aren't just twelve stars in the sky.

There were pictures of places with and without many lights. Mostly, the ones with many lights were cities, and the ones without many lights were small homes in the country. The more lights there were, the less stars you were able to see. And the less lights there were, the more stars you could see. We were also shown different stars and constellations.

Summit students walking back
 from the Horizon's light show. 


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