Movie Night

By: Lila Welsh

On the night of July 11th 2013 the campers and staff of Redesigning Our Future 2013 relaxed at movie night.

The movie watched was "We Bought a Zoo", a story about a single dad who decides to buy a zoo and follows him through the ups and downs of his latest adventure. This movie was directed by Cameron Crowe and featured big name actors such as Matt Damon, who played the father of two, Benjamin Mee, who had lost his wife and was trying to find out how to live life without her by making a life changing choice, and Scarlet Johannson, who played Kelly Foster, the zookeeper of the zoo bought by Matt Damon's character and later it seemed to be his love interest.

While the movie was enjoyable, and could be an emotional roller coaster at some points, there were some parts of the movie that seemed out of place and a bit odd.

The two major romances of the movie: that between Benjamin and Kelly and that between Dylan Mee, Benjamin's son, and Lily Miska, Kelly's cousin, seemed forced in my opinion. Kelly seemed a bit too aggressive and forceful to be romancing a man who just lost his wife, a woman who he obviously loved and whose death really hurt him. And it had only been a few months since her death!

And with the teen romance, they were both messed up; the girl was obsessed with Dylan and what was with the sandwiches? It was a full sandwich, a meal-sized sandwich everyday at 4:15, which is a time for a snack not a meal.

The girl was described by people I talked to about the movie as obsessive and creepy.

In my opinion, the movie should have just focused on the family and not forced the romances in the equation. However despite the awkward romances, the movie was heartwarming and enjoyable. It was a great way to end the day.


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