Rainy Night Environmental Summit Art Gallery

Students at the Environmental Summit 2013 took some time out to create some art on Wednesday night when showers rolled in. "Showers" may be an understatement. Along with the thunder, there was quite the light show with the lightning.   
It has rained every day at camp. In fact, it has rained every day in North Carolina for 18 days straight according to the nightly news (19 counting today - only sprinkles so far). This is not typical.
Oh well. Summit campers do not let a little or a lot of rain damper their spirits or creativity. The ice cream truck just pulled around back, and some summit attendees captured nature with paint.  

Here we have some very colorful and cheerful looking flowers. I'm not sure what kind of flowers we have here, but they are certainly pretty.

This I believe may be one of the deeper puddles from the evening. If every cloud has a silver lining, then every puddle should have a pretty mermaid and a fish.

This interesting piece caught my eye. I have not decided whether it's bear paws, hearts, or muddy footprints from the storm. In any case, this one captured my fancy.

Clearly we have a budding Picasso. I love abstract art. I won't wager a guess as to what this may be (but readers feel free to use your art eyes). I hope I did not post this upside down. If so, apologies to the artist.

When Mother Nature gives you rain, that is a good thing (up to a point). In this case, a summer storm can inspire some great painting and a good time with new friends from all across the country.


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