Tied Up In Knots

By: Leah Picciano

During an evening during Environmental Summit 2013, there was an activity planned outside. Unfortunately, Mother Nature released a rainstorm that showed no sign of stopping.

The activity wasn't cancelled, we just did it inside, which is when things got rather tangled. We were instructed to form a circle, cross our arms, and then grab the hands of the person across from you, (not the same person's hands for each of yours, and not the person's hand next to you), and then work to untangle yourselves without letting go of the persons' hands.

The end result should be you standing in a circle next to the two people that you are holding hands. If you can do that, you should try doing it without talking - or at least one person talking.

Getting slightly tangled

Getting more tangled

Starting out and getting tangled up to almost to the point of no return.

Almost finished.

Having fun despite the knots.

The extremes needed to untangle the knots.

Getting started

Getting tangled

Halfway done but still having trouble and fun.

Almost done. Everyone is almost untangled.


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