Backbone for Conservation: Bird Catching

By: Jumana Mograbi

The focus group walking to their destination in the

 Ecological Preserve

Bright and early the campers in the Backbone focus group headed out to the Ecological Preserve for their bird catching activity.

The campers studied the birds and the sounds which attracted them into the net which they later on set up in the Preserve.

The campers then set up an iPod underneath the net which projected bird calls in order to attract them. After a 45 minute wait, a bird flew into the net and went quickly down the slope into the bottom of the net.

The campers observed the features and structure, and all got a chance to hold each bird. After the bird was studied and observed, it was released and set free again.

We interviewed Alyssa, a camper who participated in the activity about her experience this morning:

"What did you think of this activity?"

A: "Very interesting, it took a lot of patience to wait for the bird and it took a lot of concentration as well."

"What happened when you caught the bird?"

A: " You had to hold his neck gently with one hand, and his body with the other while he wrapped his feet around your fingers."

"Would you like to do it again?"

A: "Yeah! It was really fun."

Setting up the net

Checking Out a Prothonotory Warbler


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