Focus Group Favorites

By Boothe Pfaff and Aydan Smith:

During lunch, on Thursday, some campers answered questions about their favorite parts of the Stanback Reserve and the summit so far.  

A:Stanback Reserve   

B:The Summit

Holly Kuhn - Backbone for Conservation
A. "My favorite part was going on the trails and looking at all the wildlife there."
B. "Going to our focus groups and studying everything that we have our interests in."

Becan Hennighan - Backbone for Conservation
A. "The variety of plants and animals that live there and the sheer beauty of the preserve itself."
B. "Going out into the preserve and learning about the various animals that live in it."

Amanda Williamson - Backbone for conservation
A. "When we get to actually see and hold the birds as well as walk through the mud to set up turtle traps." "Its just so beautiful and you just feel one with nature."
B. "Meeting new & interesting people and going through the preserve to catch, tag and track different animals."

Danny Woomer - Stories In Support Of Your Cause
A."The Lake and Ponds."
B. "The focus groups, they were fun."

Jay Bolin - Invasive Alien Plants and Animals
 A and B: "It’s easy to work with the Environmental Summit students because they are so
engaged and excited." "I learn from the Summit students and feed off their energy & enthusiasm for making a difference for our planet."

Walker Brown - Invasive Alien Plants and Animals

A and B: "I liked boating in the lake at the preserve. I also enjoyed geocaching using the GPS’s."

Emily Clancey - Invasive Alien Plants and Animals

A:"My favorite part of the preserve is probably the lake and the creek." "You can find clams in each one and turtles & ducks in the lake." "I also went out on the lake in a kayak, which was a very fun experience."  
B:"My favorite part of the summit so far was going to the the preserve in the creek and lake." "We got to walking knee-deep in the water and sifted through the mud for clams." "We got really dirty and wet, but that made it more fun."

Linda Kesler – Stories in Support of Your Cause 
A and B: "The Environmental Summit brings together enthusiastic, thoughtful, energetic high school students around  a common issue to each of us. Meeting and working with these young leaders inspires and offers hope that our world can become a better place to all."

Cole Goodnight- Invasive Alien Plants and Animals
A: Kayaking/boating    B:Frying and eating Kudzu

Harrison  Moore-Invasive Alien Plants and Animals
A:"Kayaking and seeing all the nature."
B:"Seeing the Stanback Reserve."

Kathryn Obenshain- Invasive Alien Plants and Animals
A:"Digging in the mud for paper shells.""I also liked getting the Asiatic Clams." "Of course, I love fieldwork!"
B:"Doing work in the field with my focus group." "We ran an awesome experiment you'll learn about tonight!"


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