Jay Koontz - A College Student Giving Back While He is Still in School

Designing the Future: Environmental Summit campers know this guy. He is the fellow who makes stopping by the cafeteria for meals a really good time. No matter how your day is going, his big smile and warm welcome perks us up.

So, who is Jay? (Well, let's let him tell everyone.)

Hi, my name is Jay. I am a current Catawba College Senior, majoring in Communications with a minor in Business Administration. I grew up in Lexington, NC and decided Catawba was the right fit for me after visiting!
I decided to work in the dining hall this summer and with the camps because of the people! I absolutely LOVE meeting new people and getting to share my stories and adventures with them as well as getting to know them a little bit and hear about their stories and adventures!  

I thrive on getting to know people. I enjoy doing camps, because in my experience, the people you meet at camp are some of the most amazing and interesting people you will ever meet! You realize how much in common you have with them and you wonder: “Where have they been most of my life”

My favorite thing about the camps this summer is that a lot of the campers will be students at Catawba in the upcoming semester!! I get to make connections and meet new students  which I find extremely awesome!


 Students and Counselors Enjoying a Meal at Camp

Jay and all the staffers in the cafeteria work very hard to feed a big group of hungry campers. It takes a lot of "fuel" to make it morning to night learning, growing, and having fun.

Thank you Jay and everyone else making sure all campers have good food and a warm welcome. 

Now, Let's Have Some Fun

If you see yourself, let our readers (and your Mom of course) know. Tell us which photo and describe yourself. Post in comments.

And, of course, give a shout out to Jay in comments too. A "thank you" only takes a second, but it lasts for hours or more.  


  1. Jay was the first person I met at Catawba. He is one of my best friends, and one of the hardest working people at Catawba. The day he graduates will be one of major loss for Catawba College.

    1. This means the world to me Caleb! however, Do not fear! I shall not be far away! I'll be a lot closer than you think! :)


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