Newspaper Towers and First Place Winners

By: Jumana Mograbi

A stack of newspapers in hand and a couple of minutes on the clock, the campers creativity shone through during last nights Eco Olympics.

The task assigned consisted off building a tower from the newspapers provided, the tower was judged based on creativity and height. The newspapers were folded, ripped into pieces and stacked on top of each other as the campers tried to keep the newspapers from falling apart.

Communication skills and team work were shown as the campers worked together on building a tower, and as they tried to think of ideas that would help them win first place.

After 10 minutes, time was called and the campers stopped working and stepped back from their creations. The focus groups towers were all different in shapes and heights and creativity.

After observing all the towers the judges gave Invasive Species the award for tallest tower while Go Ahead Change Your Mind won most creative. The newspapers were then recycled and gathered up as the campers went inside to wash off their inked stained hands.

Most Creative

Congratulations to Invasive Species!

At least you tried!


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