Robin Emmons Speaks to Open Environmental Summit

Robin Emmons, Founder and Executive Director of 
Sow Much Good

 By Payton Coleman & Alia Dahlan

On the first day of the National Environmental Summit 2014, Robin Emmons spoke to around 50 excited campers on Catawba College campus. 

After an introduction from President Brien Lewis and Dr. John Wear, the founder and executive director of Sow Much Good spoke about the start and success of her non-profit organization. 

Her journey began when she realized that the homeless condition of her brother was detrimental to his health and well-being. After he was arrested for having a schizophrenic episode in public, Emmons gained guardianship of him and enrolled him in a mental health institute. This organization did not have enough funding to provide healthy food for its patients, which gave Emmons' brother physical health problems. 

Emmons decided to quit her job in the finance industry, telling her husband that she had a plan, although she did not at the time. 

Since she had learned of her brother's condition, she decided to grow a garden in her backyard to provide the mental health institution with 4000 pounds of fresh produce. This idea took off and grew into a non-profit organization in 2008 with five staff members and 200 volunteers dedicated to providing, educating about, and advocating for food security. 

With the help of local farmers, Martin Marietta, and the community, she expanded her food-growing project to ten acres. 

Collaboration is very important to Emmons and her organization's success, including working with local health and education organizations. 

Emmons was inspired by food justice advocate Will Allen from Milwaukee, WI. 

She plans to scale up her organization and increase communications. Her dream is to fight for food equality, food insecurity, and the problems caused by food deserts. 

Those who would like to learn more or who are interested in volunteering in the Charlotte area can email Robin Emmons at or call (704)947-6842.
Campers with Mrs. Emmons


President Brien Lewis Opens The Summit
and Introduces the Keynote Speaker

Question: Would you quit your secure job and follow your heart? Think about it. Share your thoughts in comments. Thanks.


  1. Yes, yes, a thousand times, YES! I love this article and I loved the speaker as well. Alia and Payton, you both did a great job (and your first blog post too). Robin Emmons is an amazing lady with an amazing cause so thank you for noting that and giving others a chance to get connected with the organization. Keep up the good work, you do the Green Ink bloggers proud!



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