SACRED SPACES: Global Heritage and Conservation

Dr. Charlie McAllister took campers all over the globe in his intriguing section on Sacred Spaces.

Sacred Spaces group gathers for the final camp festival where each group put together a presentation highlighting the week at the summit. 

Students shared some of the sacred places they learned about during the week.

Members of this interesting group included:

Rosalie Alff (Jefferson)
Rebecca Bailey (Burlington)
Eric Datta (Chapel Hill)
Nataliyah Gray (Burlington)
Justice Pennywell (Shelby)
Isabel Pernia (Charlotte)
Andrew Whang (Chapel Hill)

The group was ably assisted by veteran counselor Kerstin Brown.

The seven students began by collectively drawing a world map of sacred spaces, which began our conversation about this term.

Then, in five sessions, they selected and profiled twenty-one case studies in three global regions from Beyond Belief: Linking Faiths and Protected Areas to Support Biodiversity Conservation (2005).

Some of the countries: Columbia, Finland, New Zealand, Mali, Peru, Japan, and South America.

One especially interesting area explored by the group was an area of Africa that is a sanctuary for monkeys. The monkeys are considered sacred. As you can see, the area is, indeed, beautiful, and the antics of the monkeys make you smile. This would be a wonderful sacred spot to visit. 

This leads to the question: Where is your sacred spot? Be sure to leave a comment and tell us about a place that brings you peace.


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