Students Mingle and Snack following Robin Emmons Keynote Address

Robin Emmons opened up the annual Redesigning the Future Environmental Summit at Catawba College. She explained that having a homeless brother with a mental illness inspired her to work to help feed the hungry with high quality foods. You can read more about what we learned from Emmons and about the huge issue of hunger for the poor, homeless, mentally ill, and working poor.

High school students from the Environmental Summit moved out to the atrium outside the Tom Smith auditorium at Catawba College to talk about the excellent opening program and to get acquainted and enjoy some cookies, goldfish crackers, and lemonade.

It was nice to process the information which was pretty serious while taking a break. Students were surprised at some of the concerns that are not often addressed. The "down" time gave them a chance to think about the keynote speech and share the experience.

High school students from around the country took some time to think about this new experience and to look at the coming week of learning and fun too. The week really is packed with activities that range from speeches like the keynote to hands on learning sessions and fun games and great outdoor activities. 

Summit leaders like Dr. John Wear and Cathy Halloday are, of course, on hand to make sure things are on track and the everyone has everything they need.

Emmons took time out also to stay for the mingle and also other weekly programs showing that she cares not only about feeding those in need but passing along what she has learned about how to help to our next generation. She was very interactive and supportive of campers - much appreciated. 


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