They're Back! A Tribute to Returning Camp Counselors

By: Cierra Hunter

Here we are in the summer of 2014 and a group of around 50 students are attending an environmental summit at Catawba College, North Carolina.

These students are able to learn and experience nature at its best, along with getting to know nine amazing counselors who have either graduated or are attending Catawba College.

This year we are glad to say that three of these wonderful counselors are back in action! These counselors are Katie Barbee, Morgan King and Kerstin Brown.

I asked each of these counselors four questions and had them answer back to me.

Katie responded like this: What made you come back again this year? She said, "I thoroughly enjoyed my time working at the Summit last year after learning a lot more about the Environment, hearing some great speakers, and meeting a variety of talented, hardworking, and environmentally-conscious campers. The wide variety of activities, focus groups, and people make all the difference."

 Katie Barbee - Giving Back as a Graduate of Catawba College

We then asked her what is your favoite memory of this summit? She replied "My favorite memory so far, since it's late on Wednesday night, has to be the Tie-Dye and games. It was great to see everyone mingle and have fun."

Thirdly we wondered what group were you a part of last year? Katie told us, "I was a part of Dr. Bolin's Invasive Alien Plants and Animals group in the previous year."

Lastly we asked her what is something you are excited about in the week to come? So She replied, "I'm excited to listen to what each group has done throughout the week, at the Festival" 

We are very happy to have Katie back here after she graduated in the Spring.

The second person I talked to was Morgan, She was able to answer the same questions from her own experiences.

I asked Morgan what made her come back again and she answered, "I loved working the summit last year, and thought the summit was very interesting. I also love being able to be back at Catawba for a week."

Morgan Talks with Camp Photographer Eli Wittum

Then I asked the question of what her favorite memory at the summit was. She replied, "My favorite memory was meeting the students last year."

I was also able to ask her what group she was a part of last year. Morgan told me, "I was the Green Ink Blogger Counselor last year. I am so  hapy to be a Counselor for this group again this year."

Finally we talked about something she was excited about in the week to come. Morgan said, "Working with the bloggers is what I'm most excited about. I am looking forward to have a great blog by the end of the week."

I was glad I got to meet Morgan this summer and want to wish her good luck in the fall!

The third and final counselor is Kerstin Brown. Kerstin has been here at the Summit as both a student and a counselor, giving her a well-rounded perspective of the Summit.

She was able to answer the four questions along with Katie and Morgan.

Her answers went like this.

What made you come back? Kerstin replied, "I came back because I love seeing the passion, creativity, drive, and enthusiasm that the campers have."

Secondly I asked her, What is your favorite memory of this summit? Kerstin said, "When I was a camper I enjoyed the Dragonfly Pond Exercise. And I always enjoyed the speakers."

Then I asked her, "What group were you a part of last year?" She answered, "I was a counselor for "Backbone for Conservation."

My final question was about what she enjoyed most, and she said: "EcoOlympics! I enjoy healthy competition."

Kerstin will be back at Catawba in the fall to attend her junior year in college, so good luck to her and have fun! I was glad to have met Kerstin, Morgan, Katie, and of course all the others involved in making this summit happen for me and the other students, this year.


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