Wednesday Fun Night at Redesigning the Future Environmental Summit

After a long day of seminars, group sessions, and geocaching, the campers get some relaxing fun time. Campers and counselors enjoy snow cones, music, ultimate Jenga, tie dye and watched hit Disney movie Frozen. 

Counselor Theo Shepard is extremely worried about this giant tower falling on him as it's his turn to pull a piece out. The air got tense as campers watched pieces stack on this tower, waiting for someone to mess up.                                                                                                                                                         

          Campers sit in the dark and eat popcorn as they watch Disney movie Frozen. Sofas and lounge chairs made the experience fun and comfy. It was like being in a movie theater with just a couple of people napping away.                                                                                            

              Campers designing their own custom tie-dye shirts with many colors. Table cloths definitely contained the messiness of dye.
 Save the tower!!!!!!!!

Counselor Payden Mitchell serves up those snow cones with a side of smile. They should change it from snow cones to shaved ice cones, but they were still good overall.

Everyone had fun that night even though we didn't get to go to the observatory due to the weather, but the movie made up for it.


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