What Would You Do If . . .

Robin Emmons, Founder & Executive Director of Sow Much Good, opened the 2014 National Environmental Summit for high school students.

Her story began when she realized that she needed to make some changes. She began by resigning from her 20-year corporate job. When her husband asked her how her day went, she smiled and said, "I quit my job." But, she told him she had a plan. At that moment, she actually didn't.

The concern that was pulling at Emmons' heart was her mentally ill brother who had many needs as a homeless person with one of those being access to fresh and healthy food. On his behalf and others unable to afford food, she had 50 friends over to turn her entire back yard into a gardening space. Her husband enjoyed his riding mower and keeping up the back yard. She said he still misses his back yard.

Students at the summit were asked what they would think/do if their parents had an epiphany moment like Simmons did and quit working and turned the family yard into a garden.

Honey I'm Home, and Our Yard is Now a Garden

Here are their responses:

Danny Woomer - "My parents already have a garden, but if they both quit their jobs, I'd be terrified."

Mimi Wahid - "My parents are landscapers, so they till gardens for a living. I would not be surprised if I cam home to this. I would actually be overjoyed, because I have been trying to convince them to do this for years (my current garden only takes up 1/4 of the yard and needs to be bigger). So, my immediate reaction would be to start planting seeds."

Victoria Chien - "I would be furious. If only they did not quit their job, I would be okay. Honestly, couldn't you make a garden and still keep your job?"

Payton Coleman - "I would help them with the garden. I would support their decision even though I wouldn't have a choice."

Kate Huffman - "If it was my dad, I would be a little bit surprised, because he's usually not a very spontaneous person, but he has always wanted a good space to garden. (BTW - He's a stay at home dad, so the job part doesn't really apply). If it was my mom, I would be worried, because it would drastically affect my way of life, but I would be happy that she no longer had to deal with the stress of her job."

Daniel Coburn - "Thought: You s_ck at gardening; we're gonna die. Words: You s_ck at gardening; we're gonna die. Action: Apply for legal independence."

Nataliyah Gray - "I would act like it was totally normal, and I would support whatever decision my mom makes, because she supports me."
Rosalie Alff - "This is fine. I'd support it (supportatively and financially :-)"

Justice Pennywell - "Place them in a mental facility (with love) and move in with my grandparents. Get a job. But after they are treated, I will make them get jobs."

Ele'na Wilson - "If that scenario were to happen, I would honestly help my parents out, because there's nothing else I could do but help with the process. Perhaps we would then all sell crops grown in the garden, making a profit."

Emily Clancey - "I would think my mom has finally and completely lost it and decided to follow her (not really stories at all) dreams of being a farmer in our backyard. We'd also have a ton of ruptured irrigation pipes and our neighbors would probably fine us. I'd think she's crazy and needs help or something."

Elizabeth Maness "If my parents quit their jobs and tilled up the yard, I would probably cry. Without any source of income, we would lose our house."

Lexie Burns ; "I would be happy, so I could spend more time with my dad. I would also help with it."

Now, it's your turn. What would you do/think if your parent or spouse came home and told you he/she quit their job and then tilled up the entire back yard to grow food? Let us know in comments. Thanks.


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