Why I Spent Part of my Summer at Environmental Camp

Redesigning the Future Summit Students Hanging Out on the Library Steps Waiting for the Next Activity

The lazy days of summer. That may be the case for some, but many students spend time during the summer doing production things. Some work. Some help around the house or farm. Others expand on their education. This summer a great group of students attended the national environmental camp for high school students in Salisbury, NC.

Why did they come?

Each had different reasons, and here are a few campers explaining why they selected an educational camp (which also happens to be loads of fun too).

Fabian Navarro - "I came to the Environmental Summit this summer, because I really enjoyed my experience last summer here at Catawba. This summer I want to learn more about mammals in a habitat, the presence and absence in different ecosystems."

Robert Benish (from Virginia) - "I came to learn more about how to save and conserve the environment around me. I hope to gain friends and information about the environment. I also hope to gain inspiration from other people."

Mosi Archey - "I love knowledge. I love knowledge."

Cierra Hunter - "I came to ENV camp to get more experience with biology and the environment as a whole. I have gotten many hands on experiences so far, and I love it.

Rachel Salinas - "I came to environmental camp, because I wanted to learn more about science, and I wanted to experience something new. I hope to gain more knowledge about science, and I hope to gain friendships."

Vincent Benish (from Virginia) - "I came here, because I thought it could be a great idea."

Victoria Chien - "My mother received an e-mail about this camp, and she decided that I should attend. I hope to gain knowledge as well as more social skills."

Aydan Smith - "I came to this camp, because I want to learn more about the environment and the world surrounding me."


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