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Jay Koontz - A College Student Giving Back While He is Still in School

Designing the Future: Environmental Summit campers know this guy. He is the fellow who makes stopping by the cafeteria for meals a really good time. No matter how your day is going, his big smile and warm welcome perks us up.

So, who is Jay? (Well, let's let him tell everyone.)

Students Mingle and Snack following Robin Emmons Keynote Address

Robin Emmons opened up the annual Redesigning the Future Environmental Summit at Catawba College. She explained that having a homeless brother with a mental illness inspired her to work to help feed the hungry with high quality foods. You can read more about what we learned from Emmons and about the huge issue of hunger for the poor, homeless, mentally ill, and working poor.

High school students from the Environmental Summit moved out to the atrium outside the Tom Smith auditorium at Catawba College to talk about the excellent opening program and to get acquainted and enjoy some cookies, goldfish crackers, and lemonade.

It was nice to process the information which was pretty serious while taking a break. Students were surprised at some of the concerns that are not often addressed. The "down" time gave them a chance to think about the keynote speech and share the experience.

High school students from around the country took some time to think about this new experience and to …

Robin Emmons Speaks to Open Environmental Summit

By Payton Coleman & Alia Dahlan

On the first day of the National Environmental Summit 2014, Robin Emmons spoke to around 50 excited campers on Catawba College campus. 

After an introduction from President Brien Lewis and Dr. John Wear, the founder and executive director of Sow Much Good spoke about the start and success of her non-profit organization. 

Her journey began when she realized that the homeless condition of her brother was detrimental to his health and well-being. After he was arrested for having a schizophrenic episode in public, Emmons gained guardianship of him and enrolled him in a mental health institute. This organization did not have enough funding to provide healthy food for its patients, which gave Emmons' brother physical health problems. 

Emmons decided to quit her job in the finance industry, telling her husband that she had a plan, although she did not at the time. 

Since she had learned of her brother's condition, she decided to grow a garden in her b…