Bats in the Dorms

Bats are an important part of our ecosystem but not so great as dorm roommates.

By Annabelle Nagy

While playing Uno in one of the dorms in Purcell, one camper noticed a bat flying around. The girls in the room scrambled out of the door, shutting the door to stay away from all bats. Camp counselors came up to check on the screaming girls. Payden Mitchell, a student at Catawba College, ironically caught the bat in his Batman beanie while wearing Batman pajamas.

Payden Mitchell was dressed the part to be a real life Batman and set the lost bat free.

The next night the same girls heard chirping again. Again they ran out of the room while screaming and getting counselors to remove the bats. The camp counselors, Catawba public safety, and animal control were all called to get the bats out of the dorms. The girls ended up sleeping in the dorm across the hall.

The bats had to be carefully removed, because the bats are an endangered species. Bats eat mosquitoes, which is important because mosquitoes are very popular in Salisbury, North Carolina. Keeping the bats alive and healthy is vital to the systems in the natural environment. 

But don't worry! The rest of the dorms are perfectly safe!!


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