Dialogue Skills with Rocky Mountain Institute

Campers Learned Many New Skills at RMI Programs at Environmental Camp

Today, with the Rocky Mountain Institute, students learned how to have nice dialogue skills with others when having a disagreement. They were told not to just talk; listen to others. Give reasons why you think your idea is better, and then hear the other person out. These were just a few tips the Rocky Mountain Institute gave to the campers.

The students were then thrown into to simulations of a disagreement and were told to use the skills they had just learned about.

The first simulation was that two people were members of a council and they had to decide where to spend their  pretend one-hundred thousand dollar grant. Different groups decided on different ways to spend the money.

The second simulation was that two people were stakeholders around a lake. Different stakeholders wanted different things from the lake, and the six different stakeholders had to compromise on what to do with the lake and how to protect it but get the most out of it.

Students learned how hard it is to compromise when you know you want something specific. But they learned how to do it nicely and avoid arguments, an important skill when redesigning our future.


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