Environmental Conciousness in Urban Areas

Walking down a street in almost any city in America, you see trash littering the ground. Trees are stunted and surrounded by seas of concrete. Cars are jammed in traffic miles long, emitting toxic pollution into the air. Everywhere around you an urban wilderness extends as far as the eye can see. So the question is raised: How do you reach people in these incredibly urbanized areas and educate them about what they can do to help the environment?

Education can begin with simply alerting the public to what is happening all around. Simply by being on this blog and absorbing the content is educating yourself. The next thing to do is make a lifestyle change. Something as simple as walking to your friends house instead of driving or walking those two extra feet to recycle instead of puttting it in the waste bin.

When the Rocky Mountain Institute came and spoke to the camp at the Center for the Environment (see article), they expressed the importance of connecting different types of activism. 

In an urban or suburban environment it can be very difficult to make big changes to "save the environment" but sometimes the small changes are the ones that make the biggest difference.


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