Gisselle Anaya Learns All About Mosquitoes at Camp

                                                                               Photo by Brinsley Stewart
Summer Campers Get a Closer Look at Mosquitoes and How They Are a Part of Our Environment

"What's Bugging You?" This is a question Redesigning the Future high school campers considered in a summer Focus Group led by Dr. Carmony Hartwig.

Giselle Anaya
Giselle Anaya , one of the campers in the group, said that she first learned about the various types of mosquitoes. While most people may think that a mosquito is just a mosquito, there are a number of different types - around sixty-five with about thirty having been identified at the preserve behind the Center for the Environment at Catawba College.

Using microscopes, the summer campers got a closer look at some of the various types of mosquitoes. Giselle said that there were mosquitoes in colors like purple, gold and yellow. She especially like a gold one with blue highlights.

To check out the mosquitoes, the group put out jars with dry ice behind the campus library and a theatre building which are damp areas. The jars were filled with dry ice which creates carbon dioxide which is attractive to mosquitoes. One jar netted a good catch of mosquitoes; the other one "not so much."

Dr. Hartwig froze the samples overnight, so that Giselle and her fellow campers Sidnee, Brenna, and Paola could study the mosquito specimens in closer detail.

Giselle said that she learned a lot about mosquitoes and had a fun time during her week at camp.

She and her Focus Group Members shared what they'd learned later in the week at the "What We Learned" session.

You'd Be Surprised At What You DON'T Know About Mosquitoes as the "What's Bugging You?" Group Highlighted at the Environmental Summit Final Night Showcase


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