"Go Ahead: Change Your Mind" Focus Group - What We've Learned

Professor: Dr. Seth Holtzman

Counselor Deep Dave talking about the focus group said "It takes a lot to change your mind, but when you learn other people's perspective, it becomes a lot easier."

Emilee Batten: "I love that when we read the poem "Snake" by D. H. Lawrence that everyone interpreted one thing so many different ways. It's so interesting that people have different ideas."

Abbey: "I've enjoyed learning about how the human mind makes decisions and is influenced. I can apply what I learned in this class when trying to convince others about why the environment matters."

Makayla Utt: "My favorite thing about the focus group is learning about everyone's point of views."

Carolina Altunyay: " I love psychology, and the psychology of change is a fascinating and relevant topic. I enjoy hearing the knowledge Dr. Holtzman brings to the table."

Ciena Fedor: "I really enjoyed this focus group because I got to obtain more knowledge by listening to my groups perspectives."

Jaela Norman: "I enjoyed the topic of this focus group about changing peoples minds. I liked learning about how to prepare people to change their minds. I also enjoyed some of the readings we read such as "Snake" by D. H. Lawrence. This class really makes you think, and I like that. Discussing opinions was really cool as well.

Emilee Rae Hibshman: "I have really enjoyed the topics we've discussed so far. We've talked about why people embrace or don't embrace change. This class was great because it really made us think and reflect on ourselves and our thought processes."

Abigail Lund: "My focus group was really open to everybody's views, and we had very great discussions on the mind. :)"

Felix Thibodeau: "My focus group had incredibly thoughtful discussions on the very widest of topics, and despite differing ideals, respected each other to great extents."

Danielle Middleton: "My focus group was a very interesting experience for me we all had very differing opinions and yet we all had intelligent and respectful conversations. 10/10, would do again."


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