Jupiter, Saturn, and S'mores

By Annabelle Nagy

On Thursday night, after a long day of speakers and focus groups, the campers got to go to Catawba's observatory. And have s'mores.
Photos By Cathy Green

To wrap the night up the counselors set up a fun night of relaxing and having fun. Groups of people went up to the observatory to look for planets in the major microscopes at the college. Saturn and Jupiter made their appearances last night. The microscopes were so magnified that you could see the stripes of Jupiter and rings of Saturn. Many students stood looking in the microscopes with their mouths wide open, amazed at what they saw in the sky. The planets moved surprisingly quickly and the microscope would have to be readjusted every couple of minutes or so.

While certain groups were in the observatory others stayed below making s'mores and eating pizza. Off to the side there were students playing cards, goofing off, and having a good laugh. Students of all different backgrounds bonded while roasting marshmallows to perfection (or what the student called perfection).

The night was fun and memorable, something the campers enjoyed thoroughly after a long day of work.


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