Redesigning Our Future 2015 -- Protecting the Wildlife

By Annabelle Nagy

When you think animals, what animals do you think of? Dogs? Cats? The brown cow you see on your way to school? Or maybe the giant elephants in Africa? But do you ever think of the hawksbill turtle? Or the fin whale? Or even the eastern lowland gorilla? These are all animals too. But I bet you haven't heard of them. You know why you haven't heard of them? Because they're going extinct!

Most people love loveable animals, and they show disgust to the slimy, little insects. Well every animal can be loving. Have you ever seen Discovery channel? They are able to make me love the grossest animals and feel sorry when one of them has a loss. That channel portrays animals' emotions and how they all are part of a family. Discovery channel is a master at showing the loveliness in animals.

Because of climate change and their habitats being cut down, animals are going extinct. And you know who is hurting these animals? Mankind. You, me, your neighbor, the mail man. We are all killing these animals. But you know who can stop hurting these animals. Mankind. You, me, your neighbor, the mailman.

Well, how can we save these animals from no longer being on the earth? Well it's kinda like how you save the earth. Conserve water, buy wholesome products that don't hurt the environment (and definitely don't buy products that were tested on animals), and don't pollute the earth. By saving the planet, you can save habitat space for the animals so they can live long happy lives.

This earth was made for every living species on this earth. If we protect the wildlife, then we are doing ourselves a favor and saving ourselves too. Isn't it cool how all of this goes in a circle? If you save this earth and try to help the endangered animals, then the black spider monkey, south china tiger, and leatherback turtle will thank you.

Photo by Annabelle Nagy


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