Redesigning Our Future- Why Bees Are Important

Today there are approximately 7.125 billion people living on Earth, and the population is only growing. It is common sense that the more people there are the more food that needs to be produced. Crops today are becoming scarce and Genetically Modified Organisms are rapidly replacing naturally grown foods. As more and more farmers start to lose their once pure and uncontaminated farms, the world starves.

It is essential to have these miraculous Hymenoptera on this Earth because of overpopulation. These creatures are killed simply because they are thought to be a 'menace' to the world. We do not give pollinators as much credit as they should get. I am not saying that you should treat bees and other insects with as much respect as the President or anything, but you should know their purpose for this world.

Let's talk honey. Honey can cure your sore throats and heal any cuts. You can put it in tea, or just eat it raw. But if you buy brand name honey it may not be as good. Brand name honey usually takes 70-100 percent of the pollen in the honey out, and abuse the bees by spraying this calming fume at them to harvest the honey. Instead buy local, raw honey, it supports small stores.

It is the bee's duty to serve her queen, but it can be so tiresome. When and if you see a tired bee trying to fly or just waddle do not touch them. Grab some sugar and some water and mix them together to make a solution. Give the bee a little bit of the refreshment so they can get back their energy and get back to work.

To the right is a video of a new invention that does not harm bees and is a better alternative of not having to put a suit on.


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