Redesigning Our Own Personal Futures By Chloe Fedor

Everyone holds their own hopes and dreams: their dream college, dream career and dream life. But,  everyone holds different hopes and dreams; usually these aspects in our life are impacted by everything we experience in life. Each and every one of us have been impacted by the Redesigning the Future Environmental Summit this week. 

Some campers have even envisioned and revised their life goals and dreams while listening and observing the keynote speaker and other speakers from this particular summit. 

Examples of campers who have revised and envisioned their particular futures this week are:

Macayla Upright Enjoyed Exploring Her Passion at Camp

Macayla Upright, a 17 year old Senior from Salisbury, NC:
"This week has helped me explore my passion for the outdoors and the animals in the outdoors. It has made me consider conservation biology as an option and the activities my group " Backbone For Conservation" have done like turtle trapping. The turtle activity gave me insight on what it is like to be a field scientist."

Dylan Willard and Misa Harashima. Dylan enjoyed doing science field work at camp.

Dylan Willard, a 17 year old Senior from Lexington, NC:
"My future goals are to go to NCSU and major in civil engineering or architecture and at the same time become more environmentally conscious. The National Environmental Summit has not necessarily made me want to change my goals, but only to pursue them even more. And hopefully one day I will be designing green, sustainable buildings and structures that will last for years to come."
Sarah says she hasn't made firm plans yet but loves science.

Sarah, a 16 year old Junior from Sanford, NC:
"This week I learned a lot more about environmental science that I will definitely use in the future. I'm not sure that I would want to major in it, but I'm very interested in science and might minor in environmental science."  


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