Rocky Mountain Institute Comes to the Summit

National Environmental Campers Learn from RMI ENV Leaders
 By Annabelle Nagy

One of the featured speakers at the Summit happened to be a large company that deals with saving energy for the environment. They are the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), located in Colorado.

Recently RMI has been working with China to help them reduce the energy they use. The job with China started after the book Reinventing Fire came out.

When they came to the National Environment Summit for high school students, they spoke about how they want to reduce energy in the future.  They wish to help create and see more walking and public transportation and also more community efforts to help reduce the amount of energy used (and wasted).

RMI introduced to us the ways to help "saving energy" can be introduced. The ways are: lifestyle (how you live your life), education (educating the people on how to save energy), grassroots (local movements to conserve energy), political (getting politicians involved and the politicians promoting saving energy), and economic (big businesses promoting energy conservation).

RMI Covers Various Ways To Make a Difference

While discussing these ways to make a difference, we split into small groups and talked about how each can make a difference in the community and then in the world.

The talk was interactive and fun to listen to and participate in.

RMI has proven to be a good business with well thought out plans.


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