Back Again? - Six Students Return to Environmental Summit for a Second Year

By: Emilee Rae Hibshman

Top Row: Devin Kehoe, Misa Harashima, Holly Kuhn
Bottom Row: Lexi Burns, Emilee Rae Hibshman, Makayla Utt, Serena Musselwhite

This year many students who visited the Redesigning Our Future at Catawba College, decided to return for a second year, and one even returned for her third summer in a row! Makayla Utt, Emilee Rae Hibshman, Serena Musselwhite, Misa Harashima, and Devin Kehoe returned for their second year in a row. Holly Kuhn returned for her third year, this time bringing her younger sister, Mary, to experience all of the fun that happens here as well.

As second-year campers, the group has some slightly different activities they participate in. On Wednesday morning, the whole camp did a biomimicry activity in the Stanback Ecological Preserve, but the second year participants instead went searching for salamanders. During this activity, they flipped logs to look for salamanders, but sadly, they returned empty handed.

Makayla Utt and Serena Musselwhite turn over logs looking for salamanders.
 When asked why she returned to the summit this year, Makayla stated, "I really loved it last year and it opened my eyes to many environmental needs." Emilee Rae said, "This camp was the best part of my summer last summer. I made so many new friends, and learned more about how I can participate in creating a greener Earth. Why wouldn't I come back?"

Holly Kuhn returned for her third summer this year. When asked, "Why did you choose to come back not just once, but twice?" She responded, "I came back because Catawba is a very beautiful school and it offers so many environmental programs which is what I want to do. Plus the program itself is very fun. We get to meet new people, bring people, and learn from the speakers and groups. It's just amazing."

Serena was asked why she chose her focus group and responded, "I chose Green Reporting this time around because I thought it would be interesting. I am usually the type of person who likes to be environmentally friendly through going out and pulling weeds or doing things outside. This time I am spreading the word about environmentalism, which is different for me."


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