Camp Activities - Learning at the National Environmental Summit

By: Julia Vaughan

Learning how to tell the difference between types of turtles, as well as male and female turtle differences.

Notching the turtle to track it.

Robby Cogburn holding a turtle that was caught by A Backbone for Conservation.

The beautiful Stanback nature preserve.

Beautiful pond in the preserve.
Campers enjoyed geocaching in the Stanback Ecological Preserve 
Station three in geocaching: Acid filled barked can
be used for headaches and injuries.
Julia and Makayla reinventing the washing machine.
Courtney Fairbrother sharing about a whole system.
Ninja! being played by:
Mei Lander, Evan Dorsi, Lexie Burns, and  Payden Mitchell.
Sincere and Carolyn explain their new inventions on the washing machine.
James Dunbar and Evan Dorsi explaining their solution to dirty clothes.

Rocky Mountain Institute sharing their projects which address
national and international environmental issues.


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