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How Energy Is Used, Energy Consumption Trends, and How Catawba and RMI Are Helping

By Serena Musselwhite

The amount of energy, the amount and type of each energy, and what the energies are used  for vary widely worldwide (Smith, p.180). For example, even though highly industrialized countries use most of the world's energy while less industrialized countries use much less, countries with the same level of development vary in the amount of energy they use and how they use those energies. There are three types of energy use, residential and commercial, industrial, and transportation energy use. Industrialized nations use the three energies fairly equally while less developed nations focus more on residential energy. Developing nations use much of their energy to develop their industrial base. Energy consumption and industrialization are strongly interrelated (Smith, p.180).

According to Enger Smith, "From a historical point of view, it is possible to plot changes in energy consumption. Economics, politics, public attitudes, and many other factors mus…

Summer Environmental Activities

By: Delaney O'Connor

Camp Activities - Learning at the National Environmental Summit

By: Julia Vaughan

Abstract Thinking Within the Environment

By: Aaliyah

Everything in the environment is connected, both the animals and the habitats. In the human species, eyes are near the top of the body yet most eye colors can be found on the ground (i.e. green, brown, blue); this creates an environmental juxtaposition.

This camp offers an open setting which helps the process of critical and abstract thinking.