A Message from Past Student Bloggers

This blog was created as part of the Green Ink: Blogging for a Better Tomorrow focus group held at some of our past summits. Students created this blog in an effort to sharpen their communication skills and share their stories throughout the course of each summit. Here is their message:

"We are the future, and we opted to spend a part of our summer learning, growing, sharing, and getting the word out about working toward a sustainable future. We only have one world, and we only have limited resources. It is critical that we do our part and also share the word so that others will join us in our efforts. 

You will find our stories here and also stories about other young people who are making a difference. We are leveraging our technical skills with this blog, because there are many ways to make changes – both small and large. This is just one way to contribute to a better tomorrow. 

Never underestimate the value of what you bring to the table and can contribute. We can help redesign our future with a blog. You can use your skills as well, and we can help share your stories and ideas by using social media. In this case, we use a blog to make our voices heard and also the voices of our fellow summit members.    

We care. We are sure you do too. So, enjoy our reports on the summit and the participants, and join us in making our world a better place now and for generations to come."  

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