Meet the Bloggers 2016

The Student Bloggers

Aaliyah Charania
Richmond, VA

Aaliyah is a YouTuber, artist, and student. She has been creating public content since 2012 as well as creating an audience from all over the world. She will be in leadership in various extra-curricular activities this year as well as going through the approval processes of beginning new clubs throughout the coming school year.

Emilee Hibshman
Salisbury, NC
My name is Emilee Rae Hibshman. I am a rising junior at Salisbury High School. I enjoy photography and writing. I hope to one day become an investigative journalist and author. My interest in Environmental Science began in both my STEM program at my school and my AP Environmental class where we helped beautify the campus and inform others about sustainability.

Serena Musselwhite
Salisbury, NC
Hi, I'm Serena Musselwhite. I went to Rowan County Early College and have an Associate's Degree in Arts. I am going to Catawba this Fall as a high school graduate and college sophomore transfer. I will major in environmental science and I plan on getting a Bachelor's in Environmental Science. I have went to several summer camps at Catawba and am very familiar with the campus. I have volunteered in the Center for the Environment building. I enjoy going to the Redesigning Our Future summit and this year I am in the Green Reporting focus group.

Delaney O'Connor
Hillsborough, NC
Hi! I'm Delaney O'Connor and I'm from Hillsborough, NC. This fall I will be attending Cedar Ridge High School as a freshman. I enjoy cheerleading, soccer, photography and editing pictures. I became interested in environmental science at my school when I took an extra class that was subjected towards water treatment. I hope to share with more people about what I learn through pictures and other videos.

Julia Vaughan
Hillsborough, NC

Hello my name is Julia Vaughan. I am a freshman at Cedar Ridge High School. I enjoy cheerleading and eating. I enjoy participating in automotive engineering, 3-D printing, and environmental studies. This camp tied all these studies into one, it has helped me go into writing and photography. I'm hoping to go into high school with all this recent information and new experience. Thanks for reading! :)

The Counselor Blogger

Ashley Everidge
Hamptonville, NC

I’m Ashley and I’m a second year counselor. I graduated from Catawba College in May and will be teaching high school English in the fall. I enjoy taking pictures, writing, reading, and talking. I love being outside and learning. I’m excited for the week and for our blog. Happy Summit!

The Adviser Blogger

Cyndi Allison Wittum
Cleveland, NC

Cyndi Allison Wittum teaches online publication, new media, and journalism classes at Catawba College. She has been a writer for over 30 years with magazine, newspaper, and online credits. She will be working with students on the blog project "Green Reporting" at Redesigning Our Future: National Environmental Summit for High School Students.

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